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Please Help

Over the course of the past week, I have learned some sadly amazing and horrific stories of loss as a result of the hurricane that walloped the Northeast last week. And my most beloved glass industry, we have got to step up.

I have heard tale after tale of people who have lost all as a result of the storm and it’s heart-breaking. Consider this email we received today from Mark Knapp of the BL Group who said:

“How can we … help these folks? There are glass shops that have lost everything !!!!!!! There were a about 6-7 glass shops wiped out in storm and maybe more. These are the ones I know of. One gentleman on Long Island lost his whole shop, 4 trucks, his office, his warehouse and then, to top it off, his home was wiped out. Another company in Brooklyn lost his whole shop and office. They have been in business in the New York City area for more than 30 years. {They found his trucks] one-half mile from the shop. He lost everything. Another company on Staten Island lost his whole shop, office and all his trucks.”

Knapp continues, “Again, these are the ones I know of. I have heard of more in New Jersey. I have close friends in this industry and hearing them talk on the phone, my heart hurts for them.

“As of yesterday I had called more than 25 of my customers here. No one answered. No phones were working … It’s really bad and sad here in the largest market in the United States for glass and aluminum and other products made by our industry.

“… As a rep in this industry I feel we have to help and do what’s right! How can we help?”

Well Mark, I’ve been thinking about that all last week. I’ve gotten to speak with a fair number of shops and individuals and know how gut-wretching this is. And like you, we want to help.

So here’s the plan we have put in place:
1. If you are an individual or shop that has been damaged in the hurricane, email us and tell us what you need. We are creating a website page where we will post what glass companies that have been affected need and then connect those who wish to donate with those who need donations. I anticipate the website will be operational in a few days. In the meantime, you can email me. We are focusing on industry-specific things such as trucks, tools and supplies; If you are in need let us know and we will post it and try and fill your biggest needs.

2. If you have extra items you are willing to donate or loan, please let us know that too. Got some idle trucks right now? Consider donating or leasing them short-term to companies that need them. We will help put you in touch those who need them.

3. If you are a supplier that is willing to provide replacement material, work on extraordinary credit terms or do anything of that nature, please let us know that too.

4. If you wish to contribute monetarily, we will be happy to help you do so by forwarding the funds on to those in need or providing you with a name of someone to which you can donate.

There are groups that are working hard to provide food and shelter to those who have been ravaged by the storm. But only the glass industry helping the glass industry can provide certain things. I hope you will join me in doing so.

Thank you,